RVA Iron is a 24 hour, key fob access membership based gym located at 3910 Adams Road, Richmond VA featuring hand selected machines from all over the world. 

We have a 7,500 sq ft. warehouse space featuring 20 ft ceilings and rows of equipment for each major muscle group.

RVA Iron Gym offers 2 full sets of dumbbells from 5lbs to 200lbs and a complete powerlifting area featuring 3 Rogue Power Racks, 3 Deadlift Platforms and 3 Combo Racks. We offer Texas Power, Squat and Deadlift Bars and a wide variety of specialty bars like the Kabuki Trap HD Bar, Cambered bar, and more.

Preparing for a bodybuilding show? Practice in our massive private posing room featuring IFBB Pro member portraits.

Staffed Hours 
7AM - 7PM Monday - Friday
9AM - 5PM Saturday & Sunday

All Members receive a Key Fob for 24/7 building access.

You must obtain a membership during staffed hours.

Does your gym inspire you? Does it push you to get better? 

To date, Richmond, Virginia lacks a true, locally owned bodybuilding gym with hand selected equipment from around the world. Enter RVA Iron.

Currently, RVA's only notable bodybuilding gyms are corporate franchises that appeal to the masses by offering low-rate memberships and undistinguished equipment. RVA Iron aims to enhance the greater Richmond area by bringing a true “lifters paradise” to Richmond, Virginia. 

RVA Iron provides industry leading equipment, a unique powerlifting/olympic weightlifting area, and an environment where RVA’s best athletes can challenge their potential. 

RVA Iron is the "Anti Hardcore" Hardcore Gym. What does that mean? Our roots are in destination "hardcore" gyms all across the world.

Often times the term "hardcore" is associated with dark, grungy, underground gyms that don't take care of their facility or machines. We are the ANTI. We take the upmost care of our machines, clean our facility to the highest standards and are proud. but never satisfied of our wide variety of equipment. 

We have collected an assortment of machines dating from the late 1980s to today. RVA Iron offers top of the line machines from world renowned brands like TK Star, Nebula Fitness, Atlantis Strength, MedX, Parillo Performance and more.

We cater to athletes and individuals eager to improve their physical performance, competitive powerlifters, bodybuilders and the likes that will proudly represent Richmond, Virginia in competitions up and down the east coast. 

You don't have to be a competitor, fitness professional, or the worlds strongest athlete to train at RVA Iron.

We cater to all fitness types, including beginners, intermediate and advanced.

If you're looking for a "no bs" gym without the fancy frills that is focused on providing the best equipment and training experience, RVA Iron is the gym for YOU!

Everyone that trains at RVA Iron must adhere to the RVA Iron Creed below:


Enter these doors and marvel.

Marvel at the men and women before you grinding day in and day out in pursuit of their dreams. Follow suit and get lost in the music. Swim in the endorphins and push yourself to levels you never thought possible.

Look around you. Take it all in. You are able to push your body as far as it can go. That is a luxury not all possess. Do not take it for granted. That in itself should make you grit your teeth and strive for greatness. Do one more rep. One minute faster. 10lbs heavier. Do not quit until the job is done. Support your brothers and sisters in iron and always lift each other up.

Leave this gym when, and only when, you know that you have given the iron your all. Leave sweaty. Leave tired. Leave better. Leave proud. But never satisfied.

Enter these doors with purpose. Leave with pride.

Make savage the body and make whole the soul. 

Welcome to RVA Iron Gym.